Baby Pacifier Clip


  • 1 fat quarter or 1/8 yd. fabric
  • 1/8" wide elastic
  • Mitten clip
  • 5/8" wide ribbon


1. Cut fabric 12"x 2½".

2. Cut elastic  4½" long.

3. Fold fabric right sides together. To make a 12"x 1¼" strip.

4. Fold elastic in half, tuck elastic inside the fabric strip on one end, matching raw edges, pin.

5. With a ¼" seam, sew the long edges and the end, with the elastic, together ( stitching over the elastic 2or 3 times to secure).

6. Turn right side out and press.

7. Center ribbon along strip and topstitch to strip.

8. Turn unfinished end to inside and stitch closed.

9. Put the end without the elastic through the mitten clip and fold over the end to the back of the strip ½". Stitch across the end.

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