Basic Dream Catcher


  • Brass ring
  • Leather, embroidery floss, yarn, cording
  • Feathers
  • Beads
  • 1/2" wide double stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional: ribbons, lace, shells, crystals, flowers, etc. 


Note - traditional dream catchers have a hole in the middle to let the good dreams in, so don't weave the web closed.

  1. Tie one end of the leather (or other material) onto your brass ring, leaving about a 12" tail. This is the top of your dream catcher and the tail will become part of the hanger of the catcher.
  2. Wrap the yarn evenly all the way around the ring. If you want to use different colors, wrap as far as you want with the first color, then wrap a small piece of double stick tape around the brass ring. Wrap the end of your first color partway around the tap - then start the next color on the rest of the tape to hold it in place.Continue wrapping with as many colors as you want.
  3. Tie two ends together (the tail you left at the beginning and the end of your yarn wrapping). Tie the two pieces together at the length you want your hanger to be and trim away excess.
  4. Cut off a long piece of what you want to make the web with. Tie it on at the top of your dream catcher and start threading all the way around dream catcher (see diagram to the left). Don't make it loose. As you're weaving, you can add beads to it. Tie off when done. 
  5. Cut lengths of whatever you are using to hang from the bottom of your dream catcher. Tie your feathers to the bottom of the string, then add beads. If you want spaces between the beads, just make a knot before you add a bead - that will keep it in place.Tie strands to the bottom of your dream catcher.
  6. Sweet dreams!