Chalky Paint Tealight Holders

This project would look great with mason jars, too!


  • Americana Chalky Finish (3 different colors)
  • Small glass vases or mason jars
  • Sticky-back vinyl sheet
  • Battery-operated tealights/batteries
  • Decorative sand (for inside the vases)
  • Burlap or scrapbook paper (optional)
  • Wooden tray (optional)
  • Raffia (optional)
  • Paint brush


Using our Die Cut Center, cut leaf shapes out of the sticky-back vinyl. If you've never used our Die Cut Center before, our friendly staff will show you how!

Apply the vinyl leaf shapes onto your glass vases or jars. These will act like a "mask" to preserve the clear glass below as you paint over them.

Paint the entire outside surface of each vase or jar. Let dry.

Carefully peel off the vinyl leaf shapes to reveal the clear glass below.

Optional: Wrap each battery-operated tealight with decorative scrapbook paper or burlap.

Pour sand into each vase and place a battery-operated tealight on the sand.

Optional: Wrap raffia around the top of each vase or jar.

For a finished look, set the tealight holders on a wooden tray.

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