Cobblestone Bracelet


  • 1 large tube or 2 small tubes Super Duo beads
  • 1 strand 3mm crystal Rondelle beads
  • 1 tube Size 11 seed beads
  • Fireline
  • Toggle Clasp
  • Beading Needle


  1. Cut 2 yard length of Fireline. String on 1 seed bead for stopper bead, leaving a 6" tail.
  2. String on 81 Super Duo beads, then stagger Super Duos so the alternate to the left and right of the string. Now go back through second hole of last Super Duo. (To stripe: string on 1 Super Duo in Color A, then 2 pieces of each additional color, then back to Color A, but now string 2 pieces of Color A, etc. until you reach 81 beads).
  3. Add on another Super Duo, keeping Fireline snug, go through second hole of 3rd Super Duo. Repeat this to the end of the row, going through 5th, 7th, 9th bead, etc. At the end of the row, add on one more Super Duo and go back through the second hole, then add on another Super Duo.
  4. Repeat step 3 twice more.
  5. Add on a crystal and go back through the second hole of the last bead added on that is sticking up on outside edge. Add on another crystal and go through next bead, then add a seed bead and go through the next, then add a crystal and repeat this to end of row, alternating between adding on crystal and seed beads, but finish with adding on two crystals the same as you started. 
  6. Go down through next Super Duo at end of bracelet, then back up through next hole and down through next Super Duo and back up next hole to reach the other side of the bracelet. Repeat step 4 for other side of bracelet. 
  7. Once you get to the other end, repeat the beginning of step 5, then add on 9 seed beads and one half of the toggle, skip last 4 seed beads and go back through the 5th, then add on 4 more seed beads. Then weave your line through the beads to get to the other end. Repeat the beginning of step 5 to attach other half of toggle, then tie off your Fireline and weave in the ends. 

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