Cuddly Quarter Taggie


  • 2 cuddle quarters
  • ½ yd. each of 4 ribbons
  • 1 large cellophane bag (for crinkly noise)


1. Cut each cuddle quarter into a 13" square.

2. Cut each piece of ribbon into segments measuring about 1½" -2½" long.

3. This doesn’t have to be exact.

4. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and match raw edges to the edge of one square. Pin in place. Repeat with rest of the ribbon pieces randomly around the square. Baste in place.

5. Lay square with ribbon right side up. Then place second square on top with right sides together. Cut cellophane bag along one side and across the bottom. Open flat and lay on top of square. Pin together and sew around leaving a 3"  opening on one side.

6. Turn right side out through 3" opening. Topstitch closed.

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