Czech Two Hole Tile Bead Bracelet


  • Greek leather (see Note 2)
  • Two hole Czech glass beads (see Note 1)
  • Waxed linen
  • Super glue
  • Button or large bead

Note 1:
Czech Beads:
1 strand—1 wrap
2 strands—2 wrap
3 strands—3 wrap

Note 2:
Leather/Linen Amounts:
1 wrap

  • 3/4 yard Greek leather
  • 2 yard waxed linen

2 wrap

  • 1⅜ yard Greek leather
  • 3 yard waxed linen

3 wrap

  • 1⅝ yard Greek leather
  • 3¾ yard waxed linen


  • Scissors


  1. Fold leather in half and tie an overhand knot with the end of one side of the waxed linen. Make sure your loop is large enough to fit your button.
  2. Start by holding one bead in between the two pieces of leather weave the waxed linen over one side of the leather, then through the bead and then under the other side. Wrap the linen around the top side and then back through the second set of holes in the bead. Continue until the bracelet is the desired length.
  3. To finish weave the linen, do so in the same fashion as before but don’t use beads. Do this several times to close it tight. Seal with super glue and attach your button. Have fun wearing your bracelet and CRAFT ON!

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