Dahlia Wreath

Project idea from lovepomegranatehouse.com


  • 1 sheet of 8"x11" chipboard
  • Card stock:
    • 5 sheets of 12"x12" Stone Henge (Grey)
    • 8 sheets of 12"x12" Allspice (Dark Orange)
    • 4 sheets 12"x12" Dark Salmon (Light Orange)
  • Glue gun
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Small hole punch
  • Fish line or wire


  1. Draw or trace an 8" circle onto the chipboard and cut out.
  2. Cut all of the card stock into 6" squares (4 per 12"x12" sheet).
  3. Take each 6" square and roll into a cone with a corner as the tip of the "petal." Place a dab of glue on the paper to keep it rolled up.
  4. Keep on rolling and gluing until you have: 18 grey, 32 dark orange, and 10 light orange. You will have 5-6 light orange squares left - wait to roll these for the middle of the wreath, as you'll need to roll them smaller to fit.
  5. Take your grey cones and flatten then fold the ends up from the bottom 1/2". Glue the grey cones onto the chipboard circle, using the folded edge to line up with the edge of the circle. For this first round of cones, leave a small gap between the cones. Note: after you glue on the first two cones, punch a hole on either side of them near the edge to put your wire or fish line through.
  6. Continue to fold, glue, and place the remaining cones, placing them between the last round cones. You should have 1 row of grey, 2 rows of dark orange, and 1 row of light orange. This will leave you with an empty space in the middle.
  7. Take your leftover squares of light orange and roll them skinnier than the other ones. Place and glue them in the middle. Note: this isn't an exact science - we ended up cutting off and folding some of the ends to make them fit into the center. 
  8. Create a loop of wire or fish line through the two holes you made before, and hang your beautiful new wreath.

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