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Decoupaging with Fast Finish

“Fast Finish” is a unique decoupaging medium on the market. Its watery nature makes it perfect for “laminating” down thin papers such as collage tissue papers, old wrapping paper, magazine pages, and more.


  • “Fast Finish” decoupage medium
  • A flat bristle brush (foam brush is okay in a pinch)
  • Thin paper
  • Something to decoupage onto such as a box, an ornament, and old set of drawers
  • Throwaway cup


1. Tear or cut your thin paper into small, manageable pieces.

2. Pour some Fast Finish into a cup (a little goes a long way).

3. Brush Fast Finish onto a small patch of your surface, then use your new wet brush to lift up one piece of paper at a time and apply the paper to the patch.

4. Once the paper is stuck, use more Fast Finish to “laminate” the paper down to your surface.

5. Repeat in a collaging manner until surface is covered.

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