Faux Industrial Metal Letters


  • 24" paper mache letter
  • “Champagne Silver ”Design Master spray paint
  • 2-3 colors of browns and gold acrylic paints (to create a “rusty” look)
  • (optional) a bright color of acrylic paint, if you want your letter to like it was painted in its former life.
  • 1" bristle brush
  • 2-3 packs of upholstery tacks, your choice of designs.
  • (optional) Krylon Crystal Clear Spray


1. Spray the entire letter with the Champagne Silver spray; let dry. This will create the “metal” base of the letter.

2. Next, if you want your letter to look as if it had been painted in a former life, brush large areas with the bright color of paint. Don’t cover all the silver paint.  You want to leave some silver areas showing through. Let dry.

3. Then using your browns and golds sparingly, brush little areas of the letter, focusing on the exposed silver bits. This will create the illusion of rust on the letter.  Keep in mind where an old metal letter would rust the most-wherever the paint has chipped away! Let dry.

4. If you want the final look to be a glossy finish, spray with the Crystal Clear. Let dry.

5. To finish off your letter, push the tacks into the letter around the edges, so that it gives the illusion of metal “rivets”.

6. (Optional) If the rivets look too new, you can blend them in with a bit of the brown and gold paints.

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