Felt Flower Pin

 Leaf template

Leaf template


  • 1 roll of Wool felt piece-Flower
  • 1 roll of green color wool felt-leaves
  • Sew on Pin Backing
  • Scissors
  • Fabri-Tac Glue


  1. Cut a 1-1/2” wide strip by 12” long.
  2. Run a fine line of glue along the edge of the length. Fold in half. Squeeze together the edges so it stays together.
  3. When the glue dries then take the scissors and make clips on the folded edges . Clippings doesn’t have to be evenly. Clip closer together at one end and gradually widen the clips.
  4. Begin rolling one end and add glue to the edge as you are rolling it. Make sure that the base is flat. Glue the end.
  5. Set the flower on top of the green felt and trace a circle. Cut out circle. Put aside.
  6. Cut the leaves out of the green wool felt. And attach it to the bottom.
  7. Then glue the circle felt piece onto the bottom.
  8. Glue the pin backing.

Note:  Different size flowers can be created by shortening the length of the strips.

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