Go Hawks Lighted Glass Block


  • 1 -7.5x7.5 Glass block
  • 1 "Go Hawks" Vinyl rub on
  • 3 "12" vinyls stickers
  • 1 Can of Sapphire Tint It transparent spray
  • 3 –4 yards of Green metallic Polymesh ribbon for the bow & then enough to go around the block
  • 3 yards of Seattle Seahawks ribbon
  • Strand of 20 mini lights
  • Chenille stem


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


1. Spray the glass block evenly with the Tint It spray. Let dry completely.

2. Rub on the Vinyl pieces.

3. Make the bow– place the Seahawks ribbon on top of the Polymesh ribbon, then twist the bow into shape, leaving 2 long ends. Tie off with the chenille stem.

4. Wrap a piece of the Polymesh ribbon around the outside of the block, glue in place at the top.

5. Put the lights in the block with the plug coming out on the backside.

6. Glue bow in place at the top.

7.  Plug in and enjoy!

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