Go Team Can Cozy


  • One fat quarter (18”x20”)
  • 1/8 yard – Insul-brite by Warm Products
  • Thread


1. Cut fat quarter to a 10"x8-1/2” piece.

2. Cut Insul-brite to a 10”x4” piece.

3. Press 1/4” seam to the wrong side along both the 10” edges of the fabric.

4. Place the Insul-brite against the wrong side, tucked into the bottom turn up. Pin it in place along the bottom.

5. With right sides together, sew the two 8-1/2” sides together with a 1/2” seam, catching the liner. Trim away the excess liner at the seams.

6. Turn down the top of the fabrics so the pressed edges meet. Pin in place about every 1” space.

7. Stitch the seam close to the edges.  If your machine has the free arm then this would be the time to remove it to sew. You will be stitching in the round and best if you are stitching inside the around. Stitch slowly. Repeat for the top edge.

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