Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery

The Pantone Color of the Year is a color snapshot that's picked to reflect the current cultural climate across the globe. The yellow-green hue of Greenery is a refreshing and revitalizing shade that symbolizes new beginnings. How will YOU incorporate Greenery into your crafting this year?

Gently bend stems of faux succulents to add them to a piece of faux driftwood for a quick and easy centerpiece that will refresh your space. 

Apply vinyl words to ceramic green mugs and add checkered Dunroven towels to add greenery to your kitchen. 

We used green acrylic paint to paint the bottom portion of a Cosmo Cricket CeramChic cup to create this cute candy dish. 

Create this accent piece by hot gluing moss and faux succulents to wood. 

Arrange green-hued candle holders to add a pop of color to any space in your home. 

Embellish a green quart size Mason jar with white vinyl flowers and green crystals to create the perfect spring vase. 

Use Multi Surface paint to stencil a leaf-print design on a quart size Mason jar to bring greenery into your storage solutions.