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Hawks Noisemakers


  • Cowbells  
  • “12” vinyl rub-on decals
  • Ribbon pull bows in coordinating colors


1. Following package directions, adhere vinyl to bells. (Tips for application: Peel the backing of the vinyl so that the "12" adheres to the top transfer sheet. Apply your "12" to the cowbell and burnish with a popsicle stick or credit card. Rub firmly. Starting in one corner and working diagonally across, peel back the transfer sheet at a 45 degree angle. Note: If part of the vinyl has not adhered, lay it back down on the cowbell and burnish a bit more.)

2. Pull bows are ready-made bows that you pull to assemble. To form the bow, simply tug on the two thinner pieces of ribbon and it will become a fluffy bow -  right before your eyes!

3. Attach your bow to the top of cowbell.

4. Cheer on your team (loudly)!

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