Hawks Tissue Pom Pom





  • Blue, white, and green tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors


1. Select one sheet of each color, layer them in your chosen pattern, and fold in half. For our poms we wanted the striping to go green, white, blue, white, green so we put down a piece of green tissue, then white, with blue on top and then folded the whole lot in half. This gives a double layer of blue in the middle.

2. Accordion pleat the length of tissue paper, starting on one of the two short ends. One long end will be a folded edge and the other will be free. We generally make our pleats about one inch wide.                                            

3. Cinch a pipe cleaner around the middle of your stack of accordion pleated tissue paper and form a hanging loop out of the ends of the pipe cleaner. (The hanging loop is not necessary but makes them easier to hang.      

4. Cut the ends into a rounded, petal shape. It is a little hard to cut through all the layers of tissue paper so you may do it in stages. This step cuts off the fold edge, so now both ends should be free.                          

5. Fan out the accordion pleats and carefully separate each layer. Pull gently so as not to tear the fragile tissue.                    

6. Fluff all the layers into a nice round ball.

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