Heart Felt Garland


  • 1 roll of red Dimensions wool felt
  • 1 roll of white Dimensions wool felt
  • 1½ yards each of 3 different ribbons
  • Clear nylon thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors


1. Cut wool felt into 3"x12" pieces. Put 2 strips together (of the same color) and sew along the length with a ¼" seam allowance. Repeat. It will give you about 24 hearts of each color.

2. Fold the two sides back over the seam allowance to create a heart shape. Sew along the long side with a ¼" seam allowance.

3. Cut your long "heart" piece into 1" wide pieces.

4. Cut ribbon into 3" pieces.

5. Using your needle and thread, attach a piece of ribbon to one of the hearts and then string on the rest of your hearts in alternating colors.

6. Before you finish off your garland by stitching a piece of ribbon on your last heart, tie a piece of ribbon onto the thread between each heart. Doing it before you finish off the garland will make it easier to tie and evenly space the hearts.

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