Jumbo Glass Paperweights


  • Bag of jumbo glass drops
  • Glossy Mod Podge or Crystal Glitter Glue
  • Pre-cut 1.5" cork backers
  • Scrapbook papers or photos of your choice (ideally photos should be laser copies of the original photos so that they don't bleed)
  • 1.75" circle punch
  • Small paint brush
  • Vinyl decals of your choice
  • Optional: Ultimate glue and 1" round magnets


  1. Clean the glass drops with a tissue to remove any cloudy film.
  2. Rub on vinyl design on the pretty side of the glass drop (refer to Vinyl Instructions Tip Sheet for instructions).
  3. Choose the part of your scrapbook paper you would like to use as the background for your paperweight. You can do this by holding the glass drop above the paper and moving it around until you like where it's positioned beneath the vinyl design. Punch out paper with the circle punch.
  4. Apply Mod Podge to the entire front side of the paper circle with paint brush; adhere onto back of glass drop. Get rid of unsightly air bubbles by rubbing your fingernail along the back of the paper, pulling any air bubbles out towards the edges of the paperweight. Wipe off any Mod Podge that oozes out.
  5. Peel and stick the cork circle to the back of the paperweight -OR- if making magnets, use the Ultimate Glue to secure a magnet to the back of the glass drop. 

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