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Knitted Team Colors Scarf

by Judy Lamb

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Materials:                                                                                                    1 skein Bernat Satin- Admiral                                                                         2 skeins Deborah Norville Everyday Kiwi                                                          Size 10 knitting needles

Abbreviation:                                                                                                T2R - twist 2 sts to the right (knit 2nd st through front loop, then knit first st through front loop, and remove both sts from needle together)                                                                                                       Gauge: not important

1. With Color A, cast on 34 sts. 
Row 1 (color A): k1, *T2R, k3, rep from * 6 times, T2R, k1.
Row 2 (color A): k1, *p2, k3, rep from * 6 times, p2, k1.
Row 3 (color B): k1, *sl 2 purlwise, k3, rep from * 6 times, sl 2 purlwise, k1.
Row 4 (color B): k1, *sl 2 purlwise with yarn in back, k3, rep from * 6 times, sl 2 purlwise, k1.

2. Repeat these 4 rows for pattern, until length desired, ending with row 2.
Repeat row 1 once more. Wrong side is now facing for bind off.
Bind off knitwise.

3. Cut 56 6-inch lengths of Color A for tassels. Using a crochet hook, make a 4-strand tassel at the ends of each Color A rib. 

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