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Masking Tape Canvas Art

Masking Tape Canvas Art


9" x12" canvas

Assorted colors of acrylic paint (this canvas used seven)

Fine glitter that is the same color as one of your paints.

Mod Podge

Masking tape

Paint brushes


1. Tape off sections of the canvas, forming triangles. be sure to smooth down the tape to keep the paint from oozing under.

 2. Next paint the triangles, being careful to keep the same colored triangles apart from each other. Don’t over load your brush– it’s better to do several light coats so that you don’t push excess paint under the tape. You may need multiple coats of paint to get the desired shade.

3. Remove the masking tape while the paint is still damp. Let dry.

4. Paint Mod Podge on the triangle that matches your glitter. Add glitter.

Hint: The stripes will be white if you don’t paint the canvas a different color. Have some paint that is the color of your stripes to do some touch-ups if you do get some uneven edges.

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