Minion Canvas

Now wait just a minion - this is so fun!


  • 18"x24" canvas
  • Yellow paint of your choosing (acrylic or spray paint)
  • 24" of black grosgrain ribbon (to run across the canvas)
  • One giant googly eye
  • A sheet of silver glossy paper
  • Black and red paint pens (black and red acrylic paint will work too with a fine-tipped paint brush)
  • Glue or strong double-sided tape
  • Scissors


1. Paint the entire canvas yellow and let dry.Decide where the Minion's eye should be on the canvas.

2. Glue or tape the black ribbon across the canvas here.

3. Cut the silver glossy paper into a circle that is larger than the googly eye. About half an inch of silver shows around the edge of the google eye on the example.

4. Glue or tape the silver glossy paper circle onto the middle of the black ribbon band.

5. Note: Your googly eye may be self-adhesive already. If it is, center and press it onto the silver circle. Otherwise, adhere it with glue.

6. Draw the Minion's mouth onto your canvas with paints pens.

Enjoy and CRAFT ON!

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