Mr. Chillings Lighted Canvas


  • One Mr. Chillings fabric panel (contains 2 pictures)
  • Two 20"x20" artist canvases
  • Two packs of Amber Firefly lights
  • Stickles glitter glue in colors Black, Diamond, and Orange
  • Optional: 1/8 yard of one-sided stiff fusible interfacing and one fat quarter of an allover bat print
  • Spider buttons
  • Bat buttons  
  • Sharp-pointed scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Staple gun/staples
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks or 3-in-1 glue
  • Household wire cutters
  • Scrap wire


1. Lay the panel on top of the canvas and after wrap it around the canvas edges.

2. Staple the fabric to the canvas on the back.

3. Plan out where you want the lights to shine through, making sure that the battery pack ends up at the bottom.

4. With sharp scissors, cut a small slit into the fabric and canvas. Be careful not to rip a large hole.

5. Insert the light from the back through the hole. Continue placing the lights where you want them. Tape the battery pack onto the back.

6. When complete, tape down the wires & lights on the back with masking tape.

7. Cut the shanks off of the buttons with the wire cutters and glue the spider buttons in place.

8.  To give the bats a 3D effect, cut the shank off of the back of the bat buttons and glue a piece ofwire in place. Poke a tiny hole into the canvas from the front and then insert the wire. Add a little glue to hold it in place. Optional: Fuse the bat material onto the glue side of the stiff fusible interfacing and then cut out bats, then attach wire as above.

9. Embellish the top of the canvas with the Stickles to give it some glitz, making sure that it is dry before you hang your canvas.

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