We had so much fun with our last round of DIY Halloween crafts, that we decided to keep sharing more creative ideas all month long. Without further ado, we present more of our favorite spooky, creepy, and eerie crafts to make your Halloween even better!



If carving real pumpkins isn't your thing, pick up one of our many faux pumpkins, then decorate with your choice of vinyls, stick-on rhinestones, witch hats, spiders, ravens and more!


If you’re craving a carving, we also have faux carved out pumpkins which make the perfect base for creating a spooky scene. For this version, we added a crow, some fall leaves and berry stems, moss, a mesh witch hat, and purple Firefly Lights. These pumpkins are perfect for your front porch, or indoor decor!

And Witches...

For a quick and easy wall-hanging that will spook the neighbors, use a fusible webbing like Steam-A-Seam to hem the edges of this 44"x44" fabric panel by Hoffman Fabrics. Other ideas for using this panel: stretch it over a canvas then add Firefly Lights; add batting and backing to turn it into a quilt, mount it in a lit window to greet your trick-or-treaters. Double, double, toil and trouble!

...And Skulls, Oh My!

Looking for a unique party favor? Start by stocking up on our glass skull mugs! Fill with candy and add a cute gift tag. Or, for a creepier look, use Krylon Sea Glass spray to paint the mug, then add red puffy paint to create gory accents.  

Skull Planter.jpg

Add some long greenery to our hanging skull planter, tuck in some green Firefly Lights, and you've got a quick decoration for your porch! This one is super creepy, no bones about it!

Dressing Up

Even if you don’t want to go in full costume and makeup, you can get in the holiday spirit with these quick and easy jewelry projects!


Add colorful mini tassels to hoop earrings or mini sparkle ball beads to a ball chain necklace for instantly wearable pieces. Check out our supplies of pewter charms and alcohol inks and create a colorful Jack-O-Lantern necklace, or choose from our other available charms to create your own one-of-a-kind necklace. Pick up a few of our shimmery faux suede strands and braid them together to make a bracelet; add closures and finish it off with a pewter spider charm. Select our pewter owl bezel, and fill it in with a piece of colorful scrapbook paper and cover with an epoxy. String on a necklace and you’re set! If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical, add googly eyes and glitter to a closed-back bezel and fill it in with resin to create a lasting charm.No matter what you choose, you’ll be decked out and ready to greet your guests!

Final Touches

Ready to put the finishing touches on your Halloween displays? Consider these easy tray projects!


Add a touch of elegance to your Halloween decor by creating a centerpiece for your table using our purple pumpkins, black taper candles, and fall floral stems.

For a spookier take on the project above, start with blueberry stems and metallic purple leaves, then transform our miniature metal house into a haunted home with purple Firefly Lights and mini spiders.


Or add some height to your Halloween displays by using a raised tray, like a cake stand. Add a decorated faux pumpkin, a cement planter filled with dark purple and black leaf stems, and a glittery spider.

No matter what you create, we hope you’re enjoying your spooky season! Please share your projects with us on Instagram using the hashtag #craftsandframeshalloween or on the Redmond Ben Franklin Facebook page.

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