The summer days are waning and it’s time to head back to the classroom! Get organized with these back to school crafts to make hitting the books a bit more fun.

Getting Organized

When it comes to heading back to school, most of our project ideas are geared towards getting yourself organized. They are easily adaptable whether you’re a parent wanting to organize your child’s study space at home, a student creating your own special homework spot, or a teacher wanting to organize your classroom.

Dry Erase Boards and Reusable Calendars

Simple 12”x12” picture frames are a great starting point for keeping track of the chaos that can come with homework, extracurriculars, appointments, and other activities. Insert a pretty piece of scrapbook paper into the frame, grab some dry erase markers and you’ve got an instant dry erase board for your most important messages!

Frame Dry Erase Board [1384700].jpg

Those 12”x12” frames can also be used to create a variety of other useful boards. Create a reusable calendar by removing the glass of the frame and inserting our Paper Accents 12”x12” clear plastic blank calendar sheet. Fill in the dates each month and you’ll never miss an appointment again.

Reusable Calendar.jpg

Or turn your frame into a magnet board or cork board using our Paper Accents 12”x12” metal sheets or our Darice 12”x12” cork tiles. Use magnets or pushpins to trap important pieces of paper or your favorite photos on your new boards.

Create Your Own Chalkboards

Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint is a fun way to give your study area a school vibe. You can use it to paint unfinished wood surfaces and glass jars to corral all your supplies. Use Bistro Markers to label them once the paint is dry.

Chalkboard School Supplies Bin.jpg
Chalkboard Organizer [1384698].jpg

Wall Organizers

If tabletop space is at a premium, keep your surface clear of clutter by creating a wall organizer. Take a whitewashed pallet board, then add coat hooks, a mason jar, and a wire tray to keep all of your supplies in one easy spot.

Wall Organizer 1.jpg

Managing the Paperwork

Back to school comes with a lots of paperwork - keep yourself organized with these fun “In” and “Out” boxes. Paint simple unfinished wood trays with some bright eye-catching colors, then add washi tape and labels or tags and you’re ready to sort all those pesky papers!

Colorful Stacking Trays [1384699].jpg

Pen and Pencil Cups

Keep your desk clear of pens and pencils and store them all in this hexagonal pencil cup holder.  Use masking tape and paint to add your own flair to these hexagonal containers, then fill with colorful pencils, pens and markers to make completing homework assignments more fun. If you prefer a more grown-up work space, mason jars will also work nicely!

Hexagon Pencil Holder [1384702].jpg

Personalizing Your Supplies

If you’re trying to get back into that school spirit, personalization is the name of the game. The project ideas below are easy, quick ways to make your school supplies your own. These projects are great to do with your kids as well!

  • Use washi tapes in your favorite colors and/or patterns to cover your notebooks, notepads, and even your pens or pencils.

  • Use a fun vinyl to decorate an acrylic tumbler.

Cup 2.jpg
  • Make Shrinky Dink Charms to use as zipper pulls for your backpack.

  • Dress up a plain fabric pencil pouch with fabric spray paints or markers.

  • Make mini pom poms, tassels, or charms to attach to paper clips to use as fun bookmarks or place markers.

  • Make a pencil pouch out of Duck Tape and a large Ziploc bag.

Duck Tape Pencil Pouch.JPG

We look forward to seeing what you create to go back to school!

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