No Sew Tied Heart Pillow


  • Red felt banner roll 14”x36”
  • Pink felt banner roll 14”x36”
  • Bag of polyfill stuffing
  • Sheet of paper for template
  • Sewing pins
  • Marking pen or chalk
  • Scissors


1. Take the sheet of paper and draw an heart shape. This will be used for your template.

2. Cut out the heart shape front and back from the felt.

3. Take the heart shape paper template and cut an inside heart about 1” from the large heart and cut out.

4. Take the cut out heart and trace on the top piece of the heart shape.

5. Put the top piece and bottom piece together pin inside the heart.

6. Begin clipping 1/4” wide strips to the marking line all around the heart.

7. Double knot all around leaving an opening on the side to stuff with polyfill then tie the remaining strips closed.

Note: Project can be made with fleece, and in any size desired.

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