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Ribbon Tree Clothespins

This project is snow much fun! We made our trees to clip onto the tops of treat bags, so the pins close at the bottom of each tree-at the trunk. If you'd like to make your trees onto freestanding placecard holders or photoholders, build them going up the opposite end of the clothespin-so they close at the top of each tree.


  • Assortment of 3/8" wide ribbons-we used about 6" of ribbon to make each trunk and 24" of ribbon to make each tree
  • Clothespins
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Fray Check


1. Line each clothespin with a piece of ribbon for the tree trunk-we used about 6" of ribbon on each pin (brown ribbon for more traditional green trees, and light blue ribbon for a frosty snow tree).

2. Take about 24" of a green ribbon of your choice (or white for a snowy tree) and cut it into sets of different lengths to make the branches - we cut two 3" pieces, two 2.75" inch pieces, two 2.5" pieces, and two 2" pieces.

3. Hint: To stop the ribbon ends from fraying, apply a line of Fray Check and let dry.

4. With a hot glue gun, dab a bit of glue onto one end of each ribbon piece, then bring up the opposite end and press the ends together to make a little raindrop-shaped loop. Do this for all ribbon lengths.

5. Decide on where the loops should be placed to make it look like a tree-we started near the middle of each clothespin.

6. Beginning with the longest loops and working your way up the clothespin, hot glue each piece onto the pin at a slanted angle, alternating back and forth as you go.

Enjoy your new forest of little trees!

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