Ribbon Trees


  • Paper mache cones: small approx. 7” tall, medium approx. 10½” tall, large 13¾” tall
  • Assorted ribbon pieces
  • Heavy duty double stick tape
  • Topper piece of choice
  • Optional-other embellishments
  • Scissors


1. Cut two yards (yardage is for a medium tree, adjust for smaller [1 yard] or larger [3 yards] trees) of each ribbon chosen. Choose four to eight colors/types of ribbon of various widths.

2. Cut the ribbon to 1/8 yd lengths

3. Starting from the bottom, wrap strips of double stick tape around the cone. Do 2” at a time.

4. Decide on a pattern for attaching the ribbon.

5. Attach a piece of ribbon to the row of tape with the halfway point at the bottom of the cone. Do this all away around the cone. Attach another row of tape along the top of the ribbon. Fold each piece of ribbon up adhering each to the tape, Continue in this way adding tape and ribbon to the top of the cone.

6. Add a topper to the top.

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