Splendid Super Duo Pendant and Earrings


  • 3 -14 mm Rivoli Crystals
  • 1 tube Superduo beads-Topaz Capri Gold
  • 11/0 seed beads-Trans-Rainbow Topaz
  • 8/0 seed beads-Trans-Rainbow Med. Topaz
  • 36 -4 mm firepolish beads
  • 2 ear wires
  • 1 finished 18 inch chain necklace
  • Fireline D
  • Beading Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thread Heaven
  • Chain nose pliers (to open loop on ear wires)

Instructions:  (makes 3)

1. Cut 4 feet of Fireline.  Thread needle.  Leaving a 4 inch tail, pick up * 1 11/0 seed bead, 1 superduo, ** repeat from * to ** 11 times.  (for a total of 12 superduos and 12 11/0 seed beads).  Pass through the bottom home of the first Superduo added, then step up through the second hole of the same Superduo.

2. String 1 8/0 seed bead and pass through the second ole of the next Superduo.  Repeat 11 times.  Pass needle through the first 8/0 added.

3. String 1 Superduo and pass through the next 8/0; repeat 11 times.  Pass through the bottom hole of the first Superduo, then step up through the second hole of the same Superduo.

4. String 1 11/0 seed bead and pass through the second hole of the next Supeduo.  Repeat 11 times.  Step up through the first 11/0 added.  Pull the thread tight so that the beadwork begins to gather on itself.  Insert the rivoli so that the pretty side faces the first row.  Pull the thread tight, so that the rivoli is enclosed.  Retrace the thread path of the last round to reinforce and tighten the work.

5. Work the needle up through one of the 8/0’s.  Pick up 3 11/0 seed beads and go through the next 8/0.  Repeat 11 times.

6. Work the needle up through the first 2 11/0 seed beads.  Your thread will be exiting out of the middle bead of the three bead loop from Step 6.  Pick up a 4mm firepolish, go through the center 11/0 of the next three bead loop.  Continue around for a total of 12 4 mm firepolish.

7. Add loop for ear wire or necklace.  With needle coming out of the center 11/0 of a three bead loop, pick up 6 11/0 seed beads and come around the other side of the center 11/0 seed bead.  Retrace bead path to reinforce.  Work thread into the piece, then work tail into the piece.

8. To make earrings, simply open the loop on the ear wire and slide the 6 bead loop into place and close the loop on the ear wire.

9. For the necklace, just simply slide the chain through the 6 bead loop created in Step 7.  (You may need to remove the clasp to get the chain to slide through the 6 bead loop and then reattach the clasp).

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