Team Spirit Parachute Cord Bracelets


  • Parachute cord bracelet kit from our Bead Department


  1. Measure & cut two lengths of parachute cord in contrasting colors, each 2 yards.
  2. Lay the strands out on the first clip. The center strands should measure between 10" and 12" for a small or large bracelet.
  3. Follow instructions for the Cobra Stitch (Square Knot) until about 5" remain on the bottom center strands.
  4. Feed the remaining center strands through the second half of the clip. Secure the strands in place and continue with Cobra Stitch over the ends. Remove paper slip when the center strands are securely covered.
  5. Trim the remaining cord and use a lighter to fuse or melt the tips of the parachute cord to secure. 

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