Terry Cuddle Hooded Towel


  • 1 yard Cuddle Minkee
  • 1 yard Terry Cloth
  • 1 Minkee Roll - cut into 16" square
  • Pins
  • Coordinating all-purpose sewing thread
  • Size 14 sewing machine needle


A 1/4" seam allowance is used throughout unless otherwise noted. Finished size is approximately 34" x 59".

  1. Lay 1 yard of Minkee fabric wrong side up, then lay terry cloth fabric on top of it right side up.
  2. Trim the terry cloth 1" from the edges on all four sides. The Minkee is going to fold up onto the top of the terry cloth like an edging.
  3. Fold the 16" square of Minkee in a triangle shape, wrong sides together, and place the triangle on top of the terry cloth in one of the corners. 
  4. Starting at the corners, bring in each corner of the Minkee to meet the point of the terry cloth. Fold the sides down, overlapping the terry cloth about 1/2 or so (this will give the corners a mitered look). See figures below. 
  5. Pin about every 3" or so, then sew down with a zig zag stitch. Make sure the edges of the triangle hood is cut in the stitching. 
  6. You may also zig zag the mitered corners to secure them. 

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