Two Hour Fleece Blanket


  • 1-2/3 yards of 2 coordinating fleece prints and/or solids
  • Sharp fabric scissors, rotary cutter, mat, and ruler
  • 1” wide Masking Tape


1. Lay one piece of fabric on your work surface with the WRONG side up with selvages on the left and right.  Lay the second piece of fabric RIGHT side up on top of the first, with the selvages on the top and bottom.  This will stabilize your blanket.

2. Remove selvages and trim fabric to a 58” square.  Use a few pins to hold the pieces together.

3. Place masking tape on the top piece of fleece, four inches from the edge.  Cut fringe at one inch intervals, using the masking tape as a guide.  You may use scissors, pinking shears, or your rotary cutter and mat. When you get to a corner you will have a square piece cut out.

4. Tie the top and bottom layers in a double knot at each fringe.  At the corners, cross over the fringe so the bottom right connects to the top left, etc.

*** The same technique can be used to make a matching pillow!  Or, use the same measuring and cutting technique to make an easy single-layer blanket!

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