Yarn Ball Wreath



  • Yarn: Green color for the wreath
  • Yarn: 3 to 4 colors light to dark color yarn
  • Styrofoam wreath, 16" diameter
  • Styrofoam balls assorted sizes:1-1/2” up to 3”
  • Ribbon andfloral pick of choice


  • Hot glue gun


  1. Wrap around thewreath with thegreen yarn, making sure to cover up the Styrofoam.
  2. Wrap each size of Styrofoam ball with yarn covering up the Styrofoam.
  3. Lay out the placement of the yarn balls on the wreath. Leave a space for the top for the ribbon.
  4. Hot glue balls in place. Tip: use the smaller size balls as filling in in between the large one’s to balance it around the ring.
  5. Wrap ribbon or tie a bow for the top. Hot glue pick on top ofribbon. 

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